productivity masterclass

"Less Is More"

Feeling overwhelmed and busy in your life and business?

Do you struggle with priorities and procrastination?

Do you feel like 24 hours a day is not enough? 

This productivity masterclass

-> gives you a solid ground to learn what aspects you need to master to be productive,
-> offers easy to implement methods to create peace of mind (you will know what your goal is and how to get there),
-> provides clarity of purpose,
-> helps to increase your productivity, which will result in increased cash flow and improved relationships.

productivity masterclass

My name is Martina Magic. I believe in living life with full power. As a coach, I am serving my clients to find their solutions. For the past six years, I have helped hundreds of clients improve their time management. I have created a unique set of tools and strategies to overcome procrastination and taught them how to use their time wisely. After all, time and energy are the most precious resources we possess

The only time we can change ANYTHING is NOW. Are you ready to start working on your most productive self?

Click the button below and get the recording of this productivity masterclass for just 27 €.



27 Eur


This masterclass was held via ZOOM. Once the payment is received, I will send you the recording (1 hour long) and a handout.  

What do my clients say?

Dee x

One of the most useful parts of my coaching session with Martina was being asked the correct questions to take my thinking to the next step. I gained more motivation & confidence to make the next move. I appreciate that the conversation was very structured and questions were very direct/to the point. I would recommend it to others, because it opens up thinking & possibilities.

Dominique Newman
Cape Town, RSA
time management coaching

My session with Martina saved me a lot of time and energy trying to force myself into doing something that I wouldn't have much energy for later on. After the coaching session, I realized that this is not what I want to be doing anymore, and that was specifically for the reason of me not being willing to invest my time and energy into this space anymore and that was the mother of all pivots. Martina being soft and gentle was very important to me while still maintaining some authority because I have a resistance to authority. I knew that I was being held accountable and that I would find the most optimal scenario anyway!

Sara El-Sayeh
Cairo, Egypt
Zuzana Palkova

During my coaching session with Martina I opened my mind and found possibilities how to manage my calendar to create more time for my personal life and activities I love. I appreciate Martina´s effort and real interest in helping me to look at my situation from other perspective. Being coached by Martina is great experience I highly recommend to everyone who wants to see real improvement in their life.

Zuzana Palkova
Bratislava, Slovakia

Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂