From Self-Doubt To Self-Confidence

The only mindset training you are ever going to need. 

Imagine being able to quiet your mind so that it creates thoughts that empower you. 
Imagine enjoying life on your own terms,
minus guilt, fear, stress, and regret. 
Imagine owning a recipe for calm, clear-headed focus.
Are you ready to put your perfectionism aside and create a life full of ease & flow?  
Are you reading and learning a lot, striving to be a better mum, better partner, and better person?
Are you dedicated to your family as well as pulled into self-growth? 

But – despite everything you achieved – do you sometimes struggle to see how powerful you really are?

Do you fear that if you slow down to recharge your batteries you will be unproductive and that’s only for lazy people? 

And are you a little skeptical if it is possible to achieve everything you want with ease and flow but secretly dream about it?  

You have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see.

You operate at such a high speed that you forget to slow down to recharge your own batteries.

You are dismissing your past successes because you can’t see how they are relevant to the next stage of your life or business?

You take the things you achieved for granted – and you don’t see how extraordinary you are. 

If this sounds like you then you and I should meet inside this program. 

During the 8 week program, you will:

  • Substitute self-doubt and harmful inner voice with mental strength.
  • Build the muscle needed for calm and clear-headed focus.
  • Learn how to move through challenging situations.
  • Develop a confident mind to thrive no matter the circumstances.

This 8 week program consists of:

  • 6 weeks of app guided exercises (15 mins a day)
  • 7 videos (app. 1 hour long) to be watched at weekend or Monday
  • 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence® book to read (pdf provided)

Bonus #1

Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Martina (to integrate your learnings into your world and help you process your inner changes)

worth 350 Eur

Bonus #2

Weekly accountability meetings to support your learning and progress

worth 150 Eur

Bonus #3 

Access to Martina via Whatsapp or Voxer during the program

worth 150 Eur

Bonus #4

Application of mental fitness principles for 1 chosen area of your life (e.g. parenting, stress management, wellness, losing weight, etc.) to be delivered as a special 1:1 coaching session with Martina within 6 months from the end of the program.

worth 150 Eur

What my clients say

This program is amazing! First of all, it helped me to identify individual Saboteurs and then to notice when they were active - what thoughts they were serving me. It helped me because I know that these are just thoughts that I don't have to listen to, they are not a fact and therefore, if I do not allow it, they have no control over me. At the same time, I can already stop and not react / not act in some more difficult situations, as I used to in the past (which was often not beneficial for me). Instead, I can now stop and choose how I will react. If I am not able to react in any way, I will take a break and concentrate, for example. for breathing, sounds around me, etc. As a result, I retain my personal strength and it is a very empowering feeling. Next thing that helped me was the week we had to perceive our essence - our baby version / our inner child. For some time now, I have felt that my true essence is joy, playfulness, creativity, freedom. But what I realized thanks to these exercises is what I told you at our meeting on Thursday. This finding is for me as a navigation that guides me through life, thanks to which I can make decisions that are in line with my essence, and therefore are good for me. Our group's meetings every week helped me to see that I'm not alone in this. That each of us deals with their own issues and so we are on the same boat. I like to listen to how others are doing, what awareness they have, what helps them, etc., because it inspires me on my way. Thank you for this great program.
Barbora Mlcochova
Dancer, Entrepreneur
I knew that our mind was majestic, but I realized how unbelievably I have been sabotaging myself and at the same time how much love and empathy I have for myself and others somewhere inside. Grounding exercises are a gift to me every day because of the time I don't seem to have, but it is through the activities that we did with Martina that I realized that when I slow down, think about my next step, I even create a full-fledged one. I am grateful to be a part of the course for weakening Saboteurs and the changes in my consciousness are getting deeper and deeper and I am returning to myself.
Alenka Horakova
A mother of two, owner of Mije London

How much does the inner sabotage cost you?

Living your life without becoming the best version of yourself has consequences.
Your loved ones are watching.
If you experience stress, doubt, or guilt on a daily basis it takes a toll:
on your relationships, performance, and most importantly – health.
What’s the price you’re paying? 

How much does it cost to install

a positive operating system?

The price for the basic Positive Intelligence® program is 890 Eur. 
The bonuses I am offering are worth at least 1000 Eur.  

TOTAL: 1890 Eur

Price guaranteed for Cohort #3:

1090 Eur 

This is the only mindset training you are ever going to need. 

Want to know the best part?

It not only brings insights but also delivers sustainable results

And because I am certain about you achieving your goals if you put the effort into the program, I am offering this astonishing guarantee:

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Maybe you’re skeptical that you can achieve lasting behavior change. I understand. You need to see and feel this program to believe it. That’s why I offer an iron-clad 30-day guarantee.  

At any time during the first 30 days of the program  send me a one-sentence email: Full refund, please! And you’ll receive it within 24 hours. No questions asked.  

That’s my promise to you.


COHORT #3 is open NOW

If you feel this is the right program for you and you have had your onboarding coaching session with Martina Magic, please apply below.

Dates for Cohort #3 are as follows:

Saturday April 2 – start of Week 1 (1st video is released)

Tuesday May 24 – end of the program




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    FROM SELF-DOUBT TO SELF-CONFIDENCE - starting MARCH 30th 2022, paid in full by March 28th: 1090 Eur per person

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