Welcome to the world where everything begins and ends withYOU

I could tell you my story, but what’s the point? You are the important one here.

You are an ambitious woman, a mother who would like to make difference in life, who wants to set a decent example for children. You love your family just as much as you loves yourself (or on a way to self-love 🙂 ).

It is as important for you to be successful professionally as it is to have a happy family.

Your life has not ended because you had children. Quite the opposite, your life took on a whole new meaning – making the art of combining satisfaction of your family members with yours.

There might be times you feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on, but who doesn’t? Sometimes I wish I had a mute button for all the noises in my house. At the same time I am aware that it is not possible and therefore I am using my skills and strategies as a coach to manage all the changes happening in life every day.

„I don´t pretend to have all the answers.
My goal is to help you find yours.“

And my mission is to help you find clarity in what you want, concentrate on the goals you want to achieve and empower your thinking so that you are satisfied with the life you live.

There is no secret magic in it. It is just me believing in you, in your skills and strengths. You are the expert on your life, let´s look for your answers within yourself.

Empowerment Coach
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Since you are here, I would like to get to know you. I don´t believe in coincidence; there is a reason why you are here. If you feel like there is something missing in your life, let's explore it together. Book the free powerful coaching session and let me support you on your path to happier and more independent life. Because you deserve to feel fulfilled and confident.
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What most people know about me

I am passionate about helping people grow.  After more than twenty years, I discovered how to combine my passion for empowering people to change the narrative in their head that doesn´t serve them while working on my own growth at the same time. I  am an unshakable optimist and a lifelong learner. When it comes to people, I value honesty and open communication above all. 

What most people don´t know about me

I have my own challenges that include imposter syndrome and emotional overload. One day I am a massive winner and achiever, the next day, I cannot cross one task off my list. The universe tests me every day if I walk my talk and do as I teach my clients. I do not have it all figured out, but I know I have all the answers inside of me. 
I´m an ex-smoker; I love spending time in nature by myself; I get up at 5 AM to go for a run first thing in the morning. 
My highest vision is to make so much money that I can easily support animal welfare and dog shelters. Because I don´t like labels I don´t call myself “vegan” but the truth is that I strive to reduce animal suffering in everything I do in life.
I have a soft spot for the school system in Slovakia and my dream is to bring coaching to schools and nurseries.