What My Clients Say

I just would like to take this opportunity and thank you for the amazing coaching sessions I had. I absolutely loved them. You empowered me and helped me find my answers deep down inside of me. During the entire session, I felt absolutely safe and heard. After each session, a weight that was holding me down was lifted, and I felt like a new person. Although I felt tired after each session because of the work, I felt more energized at the same time. I am so grateful to have met you and been able to gain clarity and get rid of some limiting beliefs I had. Anyone thinking of working with Martina, don't think twice as she is absolutely amazing and a wonderful empowering coach.
Bettina Courtin - Dorrek
Austrian Travel Mummy
Before my powerful session with Martina I felt stuck and unable to progress with my business. I did not feel comfortable with my visibility online and I knew there were some blocks that needed to be addressed, but I was unable to address them alone and that has negatively reflected on my business.
After only one session with Martina, it seemed as if a veil of darkness had been lifted, and I could finally see clearly. She asked me poignant questions to clarify the possible reasons for having issues with visibility. We then worked on addressing my strengths and all the things I can do on an everyday basis to get me closer to my desired outcome. After this session with Martina, I really felt like I knew what the main problem was and what I needed to do to address it.
Martina never forced the “right” answers but held safe space for me and knew how to ask the right questions so that I could find the answers within me. During our session, I felt seen, heard, and accepted and I felt beyond grateful for that. Martina is a very gentle coach, full of empathy and knows how to hold a safe space and bring out enough from you so that you feel empowered. Thank you for everything, Martina!
Danijela Beovic
Nutrition & Life Coach
"I never thought I'd be struggling with too many ideas but when I realized that I was, I reached out to Martina to help me declutter my mind.

I had so many business-related things buzzing inside my head on top of all the other daily tasks of a mum and wife, that I was on the brink of anxiety. Martina heard me out, dived into my mind, and was able to untangle that giant knot and bring me to a point where I was able to list 4 of my next steps and take action the same day.

Martina empowered me by mirroring my thoughts and actions in the future. If you are in need of guidance in creating a roadmap for your future, Martina is your woman."
Biljana Hutchinson
Owner at The Plant Camp
Before signing up to work with Martina, I had a funky feeling of what to expect.
I was used to working with coaches but not around my productivity.
But I’m so happy I did, as working with her was such a pleasure. She is a perfect coach; she asked me so many beautiful questions, and got the best out of me and was so supportive that no other coach was. Before working with Martina, I struggled with adjusting my schedule as an online entrepreneur, working from home. Although I have been in the business for a couple of years now and educating myself on productivity a lot, there were missing pieces. After just a short time working with Martina, I have so much more time for myself; I finish my work earlier, adjusted my morning routine to suit me better, and have more energy. I want to recommend Martina if you’re struggling with time management; she is your coach.
Elsi Nora
Business Coach
One of the most useful parts of my coaching session with Martina was being asked the correct questions to take my thinking to the next step. I gained more motivation & confidence to make the next move. I appreciate that the conversation was very structured, and the questions were straightforward/to the point. I would recommend it to others because it opens up thinking & possibilities.
Dominique Newman
Freelance Marketing & Events
My session with Martina saved me a lot of time and energy trying to force myself into doing something that I wouldn't have much energy for later on. After the coaching session, I realized that this is not what I want to be doing anymore, and that was specifically for the reason of me not being willing to invest my time and energy into this space anymore and that was the mother of all pivots. Martina being soft and gentle was very important to me while still maintaining some authority because I have a resistance to authority. I knew that I was being held accountable and that I would find the most optimal scenario anyway!
time management coaching
Sara El-Sayeh
Freelance Consultant
Working with Martina for 3 weeks has brought a great deal of support and inspiration. 21 days of intensive coaching and mentorship were amazing. Thank you for your time, energy, and attitude. We uncovered many areas that I needed to work on, but the key aspect was when I found the strength and belief that I can do it. The key changes in my life include: creating a powerful morning routine, discovered answers about my further path, and now I know where I’m heading. It all started with working on a strong mindset. The mental strength I’ve discovered was the most precious thing for me. Thank you for your services, and this is not a goodbye; we keep on going.
Romana Bodnarova
During my coaching session with Martina, I opened my mind and found possibilities for how to manage my calendar to create more time for my personal life and activities I love. I appreciate Martina´s effort and real interest in helping me to look at my situation from another perspective. Being coached by Martina is a great experience and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to see real improvement in their life.
Zuzana Palkova
Talent Coach
Martina helped me realize that I was stretching myself thin, adding more and more to my already full plate all in the name of helping others before I could even think about helping myself or my family. My initial reason for speaking with Martina was to figure out how to manage all of these additional projects and tasks. When in reality as I strove to give my time and energy to others I was taking away from my family and more importantly myself. I was not ready for some harsh truths, but they were welcome and helped me to realize that I cannot give to others from an empty cup. That I have to focus on getting my family and financial needs taken care of before I can be charitable with my time and energy. Thank you Martina I appreciate the insight you have given. 🙂
Billie L.
I managed to look at my time management consciously. I am calmer when I remind myself that everything deserves its time. The important thing is that I'm moving towards my goal. I still tend to make megalomaniacs plans but able to adjust. Furthermore, I managed to believe that I should praise myself for what went well and not punish myself for what didn't. Even if yesterday my day didn't start according to my plans, I told myself that I would leave the final judgment until the end of the day. I will concentrate on what I can control. As soon as I started dealing with my tasks, I forgot about the feeling from the morning. I didn't even have to wait till the evening. 🙂
M. S.
Finance Expert
Martina was absolutely lovely to work with; I would recommend her services to others. Martina is easy to talk to and takes time to understand your needs and goals and support you in achieving them. Thanks for all your help, Martina!
Zakhyia Kara