You are Special Assignments Officer (SAO) with superhuman powers. ­čÖé You can see in the dark, walk without sound, survive for years with limited sleep and fight like a lioness. There are days when you work 24/7, 365 days a year. WhatÔÇÖs also interesting: you have not studied for the job; no training could prepare you for what you had to go through when becoming a mother. At home, you are paid in words, hugs, and emotions.

And then there is your “other” – professional – life. Just as important as the previous one. You are an achiever and creator. You either are an entrepreneur or you work in a corporate environment.

You put a high value on time because you are aware that it is a limited commodity. Sometimes you secretly wish a day had more than 24 hours, don´t you? When it comes to managing your time, you wish you didn´t have as many hobbies that remain unfulfilled. Often you dream about having enough time for yourself. If you only knew how to reduce procrastination.  Having an empty to-do list would be a dream come true.   


I get you. I have been there, sometimes I am still there, and no doubt I will find myself there again from time to time.

I guess I have always felt the time pressure in my life. Being brought up in a very active & ambitious family, I always had to be busy. 

Subconsciously, I was programmed to always be on the go, doing and achieving more, and these have stuck with me for many years. If I felt tired or wasnÔÇÖt on the go, I felt like I was less than. When I realized this and started looking at what I wanted to be doing, I learned to be more conscious about my choices.

I realized that I had told myself that I was not enough if I was doing nothing. Thankfully, I know better now, and I have learned to slow down, consciously chose my tasks & activities, and buried the idea that I always had to operate at 100%. For me, the new normal is to do 80% as best as I can rather than wait for everything to be 100% perfect, which we know is almost impossible. 

Let┬┤s create results

I can help you achieve anything you want. I will serve you powerfully. However, you need to do your work. Without action implemented in your daily routine, there will be no results.

I put commitment front and center of any conversation with you. If we were to work together, you need to commit time, energy, drive, and focus. And more. You need to commit to taking action (even if you are afraid). I will be there by your side to support you. 

How can I support you?

LESS IS MORE productivity masterclass

-> bring conscious structure to your life & business
-> choose the right mindset to increase productivity,
-> check your boundaries in terms of time/energy management and how to strengthen them,
-> overcome distractions,
-> create the desired outcome.


1 hour deep dive coaching session
What you┬┤ll discover:
ÔÇô clarity to see what needs to be done to reach your goals

ÔÇô your hidden mindsets that may be sabotaging you
ÔÇô courage for that first step to achieving what you choose.


8 weeks individual program
weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
app guided content videos, audios Daily access to Martina via Voxer/Whatsapp

Cannot decide?

If you’re not sure what option is right for you, please take the Magic Coaching assessment. It has some of the most powerful coaching questions I have used during coaching sessions for the past decade. Answering them is designed to feel like a coaching experience. Plus, I’ll use your answers to work out how I can support you best.┬á

Then I recommend booking a complimentary coaching session with me here.

You´d be surprised what a change of focus, active listening and all the other magic tools can do for you in just one session!