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Before Becky and I became friends, she was my client. And even before that, I observed her life and business from a little distance. We used to bump into each other at the same places, had similar interests and lifestyles. I have always found her on the run and chasing time.

We began to talk and soon it was obvious that she was leading a pretty busy life. Driving kids to school and nursery, her little – but rising – business, house, garden, family, and a little free time for herself. She shared with me on more occasions that she feels like a hamster on a wheel. Constantly on the go. And never reaching a still point.

I cannot help but notice the trap we all sometimes fall into. It´s more like a volcano sucking us in. We think we cannot leave out a single task, we have to do it all. I call it the chase syndrome. Chasing ‘’100% done’’, chasing the finish line, and having an empty to-do list.

Do we honestly think that there is such thing as ‘’project/task finished’’ for growth-minded people?

I guess the only final destination is the last day of our life. That is the end. Until that moment, it is all part of our journey. The key is to have it sorted so that we don’t live in the constant chase.

I guess it´s time to take the bastard on and stop running and chasing the idea that going faster will get us further. No, it will not. Quite the opposite, we must slow down and leave out some tasks to get it “all” done.

So how to avoid chasing your own tail?

Take 5 minutes and write down in your journal answers to the following coaching questions:

Who would you be without the thought ‘’I don’t have enough time?’’

Why would you continue to remain in a situation that is so stressful?

What is the most important thing that if you improved it in your time management, it would make a huge impact on your productivity and contentment?

And once you are done with finding your answers, go ahead and download my super easy and effective Time & Focus Audit. It contains an exercise that will bring you clarity and relief. No more chase syndrome! Let me know how well it worked for you!


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