Why The Need To Slow Down Is Crucial

Can you serve other people if you are out of energy? I see this far too often, especially with my clients, mums, and professional women.

You need to slow down before you can speed up.

I know it sounds like a paradox but stay with me on this one. Perhaps you can get inspiration from an ancient story: 

slow-downOnce upon a time, an old man was walking through the woods. He saw a woodsman cutting down trees. The old man noticed that the ax the woodsman was using was quite blunt. So he offered his observation:

“Good day to you sir, may I step in and give you my advice? Perhaps the time has come to sharpen your ax.”

Without lifting his head to see where the words were coming from, the woodsman kept chopping wood.

He just responded: “I don´t have time! I must keep on working.”

Life is sending us signals every moment. Our job is to listen carefully so it doesn’t have to shout at us. Whisper can be that tension you might feel in your stomach after working long hours. Scream on the other hand might be persistent pain in your shoulder. 

Life speaks to us and we should learn to listen. To protect ourselves, to show a good example to our children. Because they pay attention. If we don’t treat ourselves with respect and care, we subconsciously pass this message onto them. 

Do you agree? What challenges in your time management do you currently face? Drop me a line, I know I can help. 

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